Founder of thinkoutloud Deanne Brennan has inspired thousands of people to get more out of themselves then they’d previously ever imagined was possible.  Think how great you and your life could be with some new exciting goals and some strong strategies to support them.

If you were healthy, happy and on top of your game how would this effect the rest of our life? Your relationships, your confidence, your career?

We’d like to invite you to come and ‘thinkoutloud’, we’ll help you get where you want to go, we’ll support you and keep you accountable when you need it most.

Deanne came into my life when I was going through a very rough time, and provided not only great coaching but also friendship.  She is a great listener, supportive, encouraging and provided me with motivation to get out there and continue living my life and become a stronger, healthier person.” IT Consultant

Dee is both inspirational and motivational. She was constantly challenging me to realise my potential in the areas I needed and wanted to change. She was there with me through a very tough period of my life and her coaching has helped facilitate the changes I have since made.  Dee held me accountable for my actions, while providing the tools and support I needed to help me with reaching my goals and targets.  As Dee practices what she preaches, it is easy for me to recommend her to friends and colleagues.” Excutive Assistant

“While being a charismatic and inspiring person, Dee has a listening soul and ability to understand and help define the big picture of your goals. She is able to break dwon the steps needed to achieve these goals and give practical and insightful advice on how to take that all important first step towards your goal.

Life coaching, acceptance and listening are second nature to Dee, and I would stronghly recommend her if you are looking for a life coach to support, mentor and inspire you on your life journey” Mother & Successful Small Business Owner

“Thanks for showing me how to break down my BIG GOALS to make them now seem so achievable.” Young Entrepreneur